Golden Deathmask are a fresh faced punk/hardcore outfit hailing from Birmingham, UK. In their short life as a band they have developed a hard hitting unique sound, drawing inspiration from bands like late 70's punk pioneers Black Flag and Bad Brains to more modern thrash torchbearers Trash Talk and Municipal Waste. Golden Deathmask aren't afraid to cross pollinate their heavier influences with other genres like Hip Hop/grime and 90's Brit pop into their ever expanding sound. 

G.D.M are seemingly taking on a bigger pursuit than just trying to be a band, they are creating an ethos of fun and creativity. To be a fan of Golden Deathmask is to be involved in what feels like a family and this is extremely evident when going to see them perform live, the setting this band thrive in most. With less than a year under their belt they have released two E.P's 2016's 'Short Life. Long Death' and 'Sleep Is My Cousin' (available on iTunes and Spotify) both brilliantly captures what the band are all about in hard hitting fashion. 

Golden Deathmask are the fresh new face of British punk rock.



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